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Engineering Technology Associates’s engineering CAE-driven solutions (experience, innovation, and partnership) reduce the cost of product design and development by streamlining testing and prototyping processes. We strive towards complete virtual prototyping using our experience, products, and advanced technology.


Weisang has been developing innovative software solutions for technical and scientific applications since 1991. FlexPro software product is used by thousands of engineers, scientists, and measurement technology experts to analyze measured data. In addition to their software products, Weisang also develops custom applications for your measurement-related tasks.

Tempa Engineering is the only Weisang authorized sales representative in Turkey.

ONATUS Vision Technologies, is an engineering and consultancy company, providing high-tech engineering and consultancy services with its expert personnel since 2013 by continuously updating its experienced proficient personnel in the context of technological developments in line with customer demands and expectations, mainly among metal material manufacturers, defence industry, research centers, academy institutions, automotive, white goods and machinery manufacturing sectors.

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