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Multiphysics Analysis Solutions for Chips and 3D-IC Systems

ANSYS PowerArtist

ANSYS PowerArtist

Comprehensive RTL design-for-power platform

  • Look at power profiling and budgeting, RTL-Driven Power Grid Integrity and more
  • Drive an automated power reduction process using analysis, by identifying reduction opportunities based on evaluations of changes to the logic and activity while keeping in context the physical effects
  • Directly interfaces with ANSYS RedHawkfor a seamless RTL-to-physical power methodology
  • Eliminate wasted dynamic power. EARLY.
  • Know what your software app is doing with the hardware. EARLY.
  • Monitor power real time for real application scenarios. EARLY.


  • The “go-to” sign-off solution for all foundries and processes for creating robust, high performance SoCs, designed using the latest FinFETtechnology
  • Geared to the integrity and reliability of ICs
  • Design SoCs that are power efficient, reliable against thermal, electromigration and electrostatic discharge
  • Provides model interoperability with ANSYS board and system level tools to ensure that the chip performs as intended in the entire system


A transistor level power noise and reliability simulation platform

  • Enables design analysis while taking into account package and substrate parasitics
  • The only solution that can natively analyze complex mixed-signal IP blocks that have both digital and analog content
  • Signoff platform for all foundries (down to 5nm) to meet stringent power noise and reliability requirements
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