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Metal Forming Softwares


Thercast NxT

THERCAST® NxT is a software solution for casting simulations. As a result of simulation, realistic results are obtained. Cooling has a unique thermo-mechanical basis that extensively addresses many complex interactions between molds and all other elements of the casting process. Provides more accurate simulations with high performance and scalability, simulation data for more simulation runs or later manufacturing steps. It facilitates quick and easy installation for new simulation processes and facilitates the conduct of a what-if in investigation of existing processes. It has the ability to fully simulate casting processes, offer better situations and use them without the need for multiple simulation tools.

THERCAST® provides information on temperature, stress and other characteristics of any point in the part produced and provides useful information for future users of this part.

Forge NxT

FORGE® NxT is a software solution for simulation of hot, warm and cold forming processes. FORGE® NxT, the best seller product of the developer TRANSVALOR for nearly 30 years, meets the needs of companies producing forged parts in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, construction, medical, etc.

FORGE® NxT, closed die forging, open die forging, ring rolling, cross wedge rolling, reducer rolling, orbital forging, rolling, sheet metal forming, fixing and fastening operations, hydraulic press forming, thread rolling, die cutting, heat treatment process simulations as well as induction heating, induction hardening, carburizing, nitriding and tempering.

Innovative technology, comprehensive capabilities, inaccessible performance, user-friendly and easy interface make FORGE as the most suitable solution for product manufacturing, process determination and forging efficiency.


DigitalClone for Engineering

DC-E is a multi-body dynamics digital twin that uses physics-based models to make statistical life predictions of drive train components. It is the world’s only integrated solution from system modeling to bearing and gear detailed analysis to simulation-based component life prediction. No other solution incorporates microstructure-based life predictions. Customers indicate that DC-AM can reduce iterations for design optimization by 75% and decrease cost for AM part qualification by up to 50%.

Build Your Own Models : Create system and component models and assess life – create response surface FMUs. Available in standard AWS and AWS GovCloud deployments.

Material Characterization: Provides services to perform the material characterization of the parameters needed to perform life estimation.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA): We can conduct RCAs on early failures within your fleet.

Model Management: Upload and manage run-time models to offer products and services on DigitalClone Platform.

Business Value

  • Design engineering or risk assessment of turbine or component technology in Wind, Aerospace and Rail.
  • Test new material and/or proprietary material not already in the database.
  • Conduct trade-off and sensitivity studies to understand optimal asset configuration and create the “Golden Bill of Materials.”


REM3D® simulates the exact injection cycle of thermoplastics or thermoset molding processes using the 3D finite element solution.

With REM3D® you can verify and optimize the best results accuracy and complex polymer injection processes on an unlimited number of materials.

Reduce cycle time

For example: Use REM3D® to determine the optimum ironing time for minimum warping.

Analyze your filling defects

For example: Use REM3D® to simulate a complex mold filling process in 3D with large thickness variations.

Reduce mold design time

For example: With REM3D®, determine the best position for gates, coolers, and/or heating cartridges.

Optimize your injection process

For example: Decrease the compression force to determine the required follow-up pressure and consequently increase the number of gaps per sprue.

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