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Shock Bump Test Systems

KRD10 | Hydraulic Vertical Shock Test System

KRD10 series full-automatic hydraulic shock test system is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of products in a shock environment.

KRD11 | Pneumatic Vertical Shock / Bump Test System

KRD11 series pneumatic vertical shock/bump test system is featured with advanced design, high degree of automation and reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

KRD12 | Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Test System

The KRD12 series shock test system is used to measure and determine the horizontal impact resistance of a product or package, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of the test unit in a horizontal impact environment.

KRD13 | High Acceleration Shock Test System

KRD13 series high acceleration shock test system is specially designed to meet the requirements of military and automotive testing. The system adopts the principle of pneumatic energy storage expansion. 

KRD16 | High Impact Shock Test System

High impact shock test system meets MIL-S-901D standard which covers shock testing requirements for shipboard machinery, equipment, systems, and structures, excluding submarine pressure hull penetrations.

KRD17 | Pneumatic Bidirectional Vertical Shock Test System

KRD17 series pneumatic bidirectional vertical shock test system is a new type of product designed and developed for some large specimens that cannot or are not easy to turn over.

KRD20 | Pneumatic Bump Test Machine

The KRD20 series pneumatic bump test machine replaces the traditional mechanical cam-type crash bench and is suitable for repeated impacts on electronic components, equipment and other electrical and electronic products.

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SRS Test Systems

KRD14 | Pneumatic Vertical Shock Response Spectrum Test System

KRD14 series pendulum shock response spectrum tester is used to measure and determine the shock resistance of electrical and electronic products or packaging.

KRD15 | Pneumatic Horizontal Shock Response Spectrum Test System
KRD15 series is the state-of-the-art shock response spectrum tester that adopts compressed gas energy to provide impact energy, push the shock hammer to impact the resonance plate, and generate high energy shock.

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Centrifugal Constant Acceleration Testers

KRD30 | Centrifugal Constant Acceleration Tester (Box Type)
KRD30 series centrifugal constant acceleration test machine is used to evaluate when components, equipment, and other electrical and electronic products are subjected to a constant acceleration environment (except gravity).
KRD31 | Centrifugal Constant Acceleration Tester (Arm Type)
KRD31 series centrifugal constant acceleration testers are used to test articles under extreme acceleration conditions based on standards like MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-202, and IEC68-2-7.
KRD32 | Non-standard Centrifugal Constant Acceleration Tester
KRD32 series non-standard centrifugal constant acceleration testing machine is test equipment for military products to simulate dynamic centrifugal motion, dual environmental force centrifugal motion and central high-speed rotating motion.

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Drop Test Systems

KRD40 | Zero-distance Drop Test System
KRD40 series drop tester mainly simulates the resistance to drop and impact of large and heavy packaging products. Its strong power system and unique sample holder facilitate easy loading and unloading of oversized and overweight items.
KRD41 | Small Drop Test System
KRD41 series small drop tester is suitable for free-fall test of small consumer electronics and components such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, CD / MD / MP3, and so on.
KRD42 | Double Lift Zero-distance Drop Test System
KRD42 series drop tester, mainly simulates the resistance to drop and impact of large and heavy packaging products. Its strong power system and unique sample holder facilitate easy loading and unloading of oversized and overweight items.

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Transportation Simulation Test Systems

KRD50 | Transportation Simulation Test System

KRD50 series transportation simulation test system is to simulate the actual road conditions such as shocks and vibrations during the transportation of various items of a specific load.

KRD51 | Transportation Bounce Test System

Bounce testing simulates the constant loose cargo state during truck transport. Oftentimes, containers carrying military and civilian hardware (such as medical supplies, electronics, weaponry, communication devices).

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Multi-Axial Simulation Tables

KRD60 | 3-DOF Simulation Table
KRD60 Series 3 DOF simulation table simulates various mechanical, electrical, and electronic products installed on ships, seaplanes, and other equipment to perform sway and tilt tests to determine the ability and structural integrity.
KRD61 | 6-DOF Simulation Table
KRD61 series 6-DOF simulation table is a closed-loop servo simulation platform consisting of six servo actuators and six sets of dedicated hinges connected at the top and bottom platforms respectively.

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Vibration Shakers

KRD70 | Hydraulic Vibration Shaker
KRD70 series hydraulic vibration shaker converts the energy of high-pressure liquid into the power of the reciprocating motion of the cylinder through the electro-hydraulic servo valve.

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Packaging Test Systems

KRD100 | Incline Impact Tester

KRD100 series incline impact tester simulates the ability of product packaging to resist shock damage in the actual environment, such as handling, stacking of shelves, sliding of motors, loading, and unloading of locomotives.

KRD101 | Packaging Compression Tester
KRD101 Series Packaging Compression Tester is designed to evaluate the compressive strength of packaging in order to prevent the product from deforming or being damaged during handling, stacking, storage, and transportation.
KRD102 | Clamping Force Tester
KRD102 series clamping force tester is an indispensable test method for improving products into high-quality fields. It is suitable for research, development, quality control, and manufacturing.

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