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Kemo Ltd – The low noise Experts

Electronic Signal Filtering and Signal Conditioning solutions since 1965

Kemo Ltd has been a global leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of electronic filters and signal conditioning instruments since 1965, during this time it has developed a reputation for the highest quality and accuracy. Over the last 56 years our range has expanded into a broader range of signal conditioning solutions for IEPE, Charge, PRT and other types of signal conditioning and amplification. In more recent times we have also introduced a wide range of low noise cables, instrumentation cables, connectors, joiners and sensor mounting accessories.

High quality electronic analog filters remain the most accurate, repeatable and effective solution for the filtering of electronic signals pre digitisation and analysis.

The use of charge amplifiers alongside piezoelectric charge output sensors is still widespread in many industries. This is due to the rugged and high temperature capabilities of the sensors.

IEPE Accelerometers are a highly convenient type of sensor for vibration measurement. Accelerometer range also includes a wide range of Piezoelectric charge output devices.

Range of general purpose IEPE impact hammers offer a range of great cost effective solutions for a majority of applications requiring the excitation of a structure.

KEMO produce the highest quality cable assemblies for use with a wide range of sensing and measurement applications.

The Kemo range of IEPE signal conditioning instruments can be used as stand alone conditioners/amplifiers are many of them can also be integrated with filters.

Piezoelectric accelerometers (charge output) are the original design that utilise piezoelectric material to generate an electrical charge which is proportional to the applied acceleration.

Kemo’s experience as low noise experts dealing with signal noise and ensuring the best signal quality is critical in bringing these connectors, joiners and adaptors to the market.

In addition to instruments, cables and joiners, Kemo can also supply a range of accelerometer mounting studs and sensor accessories.

Kemo offers a range of instrumentation calibration services for Kemo products in addition to other signal conditioning and sensors.

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