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KEMO / IEPE Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

Although IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezoelectric) sensors is not a new technology there are a wide variety of applications where the measurement instrumentation is not configured with IEPE signal conditioning built in. In these situations it is necessary for the IEPE supply to be provided by an external source. Usually this type of instrument will also provide th user with the option to add gain to the signal being conditioned. The Kemo range of IEPE signal conditioning instruments can be used as stand alone conditioners/amplifiers are many of them can also be integrated with filters.


DIN Rail Mounting IEPE single channel supply with gain and variable IEPE supply.


3 channel IEPE supply with x1, x10, x100 gain. BNC input and output on the front panel. DC powered for use in the field and the laboratory. Earth/Floating configuration.


3 channel charge/IEPE amplifier with x1, x10 and x100 gain individually selectable per channel. Each channel can be switched from Charge to IEPE conditioning. DC powered for ease fo use in the field or laboratory. Earth/Floating configuration.

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