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RB12 Relay Board

Provides 12 industry standard relay module sockets to a U3, U6, UE9, T4, or T7. Commonly used to interface a LabJack with high voltages/currents. The RB12 relay board connects to the DB15 connector on the LabJack, using the 12 EIO/CIO lines to control up to 12 I/O modules.

I/O modules are available from a variety of manufacturers such as Grayhill, Crydom, or Kyoto, and allow the LabJack to control or monitor 120/240 VAC and/or 3-60 VDC. The RB12 is designed to accept G4 series digital I/O modules from Opto22, and compatible modules from other manufacturers such as the G5 series from Grayhill. Opto22 modules are available from,, and Grayhill modules are available from The RB12 does not require a cable or power supply.

  • Relay modules are NOT included
  • Supports output or input module control types
  • Modules are available with voltage ratings up to 200 VDC or 280 VAC, and current ratings up to 3.5 amps

For more information, see the RB12 Relay Board Datasheet.

Compatible Products:
LabJack RB12 Relay Board
Combining the RB12 to Any LabJack Makes a Powerful Relay Control System
The RB12 Connects Directly to LabJack T7’s DB15 Port
RB12 Package Contents
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